Salt Creek Farm

Salt Creek Farm makes its roots near the headwaters of its namesake.  The lush, native grasses of this area provide perfect grazing for cattle. Producers from all over the country send their cattle to the Flint Hills to graze during the summer months. 

The majority of cattle on the farm are Black Angus, with a few Red Angus in the herd.  The cattle are home-raised, born in the same pastures in which they raise their calves.  Sara and Jay focus on low-stress cattle handling techniques to avoid undue pressure on the animals. Sometimes that means the work takes a little longer, but keeps the cattle happy and healthy. The animals spend their entire lives out in the pastures.  During the winter months, supplemental feed is provided in the form of free choice grain and Brome, Fescue, and native hay grown and baled here on the farm.  The cattle only receive antibiotics when they are sick are never fed unnecessary antibiotics or given growth hormones.

In 2020, Jay and Sara expanded their hobby beekeeping operation to help fill the demand for local, quality honey. Their honeybees forage for pollen and nectar across the Flint Hills to create delicious honey. From hive to bottle, Salt Creek honey is minimally processed and never pasteurized for maximum flavor and nutritional value; this allows minute amounts of pollen to remain in the honey and add complexity and depth.

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